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If you need an automobile or pick truck transported you will find our friendly service and our competitive rates better than the larger towing companies.
Diesel Truck Towing
In need of reliable truck towing services? Look no further. CCS Towing is here to assist you every step of the way. With our experienced team and top-of-the-line equipment, we provide prompt and trustworthy solutions for diesel truck towing, trailer towing, and heavy-duty vehicle assistance. Trust CCS Towing for all your towing and recovery needs in East Tennessee.
Vechicle Storage

We offer professional truck and trailer storage services in East Tennessee. Whether you need temporary storage while your truck is being repaired or a long-term storage solution, our secure facility is equipped to meet your needs. Trust CCS Towing to safeguard your valuable assets and provide you with peace of mind. 

Student Discounts

Did you graduate from CCS Truck Driving School?  If so enjoy Alumni Discounts on any tow.  Our storage facility and dispatch office is located at the old Truck Driving School, you might be able to catch up with old teachers or students while you wait!

24×7 Service
Introducing CCS Towing, your trusted 24×7 truck towing service in East Tennessee. Reliable and prompt assistance when you need it. Specializing in diesel truck towing, trailer towing, and heavy-duty vehicle assistance. Count on CCS Towing for all your towing and recovery needs. Call 423-348-8339 for immediate help.

About CCS Towing

At CCS Truck Driving School, we built a legacy of excellence in training some of the finest drivers on the road today. Inspired by the spirit of CCS, we have now evolved into CCS Towing, a trusted Truck Towing Service in East Tennessee. With a commitment to our graduates and all drivers, we offer reliable support and services when you need them most.

Whether you require diesel truck towing, trailer towing, or assistance with heavy-duty vehicles, our experienced team and top-of-the-line equipment are here to provide prompt and trustworthy solutions. Trust CCS Towing for all your towing and recovery needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with our dedicated service and commitment to excellence.

Service Area

When you find yourself in need of reliable and efficient diesel truck towing services in East Tennessee, CCS Towing is here to assist you every step of the way.

50 Mile  Radius

Our service area is a 50-mile radius of Fall Branch within the State of Tennessee.

from Fall Branch, TN including Kingsport, Bristol, Morristown & Johnson City.

Route 81 and 26 and all side roads in between

Your truck can be towed to any repair shop of your choice, or stored at our secure facility until arrangements can be made.

Credit Card Surcharge Disclosure

The credit card brands have updated their rules and regulations around credit card surcharge programs. As a result of these changes, surcharge rates are now capped at 3%. CCS Towing will add a 3% surcharge on all credit payments. This surcharge is not greater than our total cost of accepting credit cards. There is no surcharge for debit card payments.

Payment By Debit Card

While there is no surcharge for debit card payments. Debit card payments do qualify for the cash discount.

No Personal Checks

CCS Towing will not take personal checks.

Cash Discount

Customers paying in cash or certified check receive discounts. Customers paying with cash or certified check will not be charged a surcharge.

Minimum Charge

The minimum charge is Seventy-Five Dollars ($75.00)

Roadside Emergency Tips

Pull over to a safe location.

If possible, get off the highway and pull over to a well-lit area with plenty of space around your truck. Avoid parking under bridges, overpasses, or on curves.

Turn on your hazard lights and set out warning devices.

This will help to alert other drivers to your presence and help us find you. If you have safety cones, flares, or reflective triangles, place them around your truck to make it even more visible.

Stay inside your truck.

It is not safe to be outside of your truck on the side of the highway. If you need to get out to check the damage or retrieve something from your truck, do so quickly and carefully.

Be patient and wait for help to arrive.

It may take some time for our tow truck or mechanic to arrive, especially if you are in a remote area or during heavy traffic. In the meantime, stay calm and safe.

Know your location.

If you are able to call for help, be prepared to tell the dispatcher where you are located. If you are on the highway, know the mile marker and the direction you are traveling.  Our drivers are familiar with the area but any information you can provide will help us reach you faster.

Be cooperative with the tow truck driver

We are there to help you, so follow the technicians instructions.

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We are located in Fall Branch just off I-81 at exit 50 near the Tennessee Highway Patrol Headquarters.

134 Joe R McCrary Rd.

Fall Branch TN 37656

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